A wholesale building with administrative premises has been designed. This project was implemented on the basis of the built to suite concept, i.e., the building was designed and built according to the needs of a specific tenant, i.e., UAB Armila. The main façade of the building faces west (Molėtai highway). The façade is finished with three-layer concrete slabs (lower part of the building) and multi-layer wall slabs (sandwich slabs), has glass elements and aluminium blinds, and is covered with painted and bent slabs made of aluminium and plastic composite. The building has a shape of a rectangle and is an extension of the built-up area next to the Molėtai highway. This building was built next to the already existing buildings that were built by the same builder, and therefore the aim was to maintain the same visual concept and include similar architectural elements. Major part of the building consists of a warehouse and a trade hall where also a warehouse for explosive and psychotropic substances and a warehouse with a refrigerator are located. A pharmacy was installed on the ground floor. Administrative premises, household premises, and rest rooms are on the two mezzanine floors. A fire tank is installed under a part of the building.