The project envisaged the arrangement of the public infrastructure of the block of apartment buildings in Baltoji Vokė. A 243 m length Naujoji street (D category) in Baltoji Vokė was reconstructed. A 6 m wide roadway (asphalt pavement), a 2.5 m wide path for cyclists and pedestrian, and 1.2–1.5 m wide pedestrian paths were installed. Parking lots were reconstructed. A park in the centre of the block has been arranged, pedestrian paths, benches, rubbish bins, and other small architectural elements were installed, and areas with greenery were formed. There were also 3 universal multifunctional outdoor children’s play grounds, a universal sports site, and outdoor exercise equipment installed. Also, small architectural elements and semi-underground container sites were installed. Surface water drainage networks and outdoor lighting network infrastructure have also been installed.