BIM Projects

Accuracy and informativeness are just some of the benefits of BIM (building information modelling). BIM is a process during which analysis and three-dimensional visualization can be used to see how structures that are in the initial phase will look and function once completed. BIM allows us to work even more accurately and efficiently and helps to prevent losses.

The use of advanced software is an integral part of the work. Using this software, architects and engineers of UAB Atamis prepare economically justified and rational BIM solutions. Whatever the purpose of the designed object, we always meet the expectations of our clients, reconcile public interests, and remain in harmony with the surrounding environment.

By using constantly updated software, UAB Atamis professionals provide the following 3D design services in the BIM environment:

  • building design;
  • interior design;
  • engineering network design;
  • communication network design;
  • preparation of reconstruction projects.

If you need BIM design services, contact our professionals!