Architecture-related services, design of engineering infrastructures and communication networks, preparation of territorial planning documents and BIM projects.

Water treatment facilities in Kupiškis city

The project included the construction of new water treatment facilities. The following elements were designed: technological building, water treatment facilities (filters), reservoir for slops, technological pipelines, and a new automated system for water treatment facility management. The capacity of the new water treatment facilities is 2,000 m3 per day/200 m3 per hour. After the completion of construction works in 2015, the facilities, which serve about 7,440 residents of Kupiškis, are operating efficiently.

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Rainwater drainage networks in Verkiai and Kareiviai streets in Vilnius

The designed objects are rainwater drainage networks and wastewater treatment facilities in Vilnius. Currently a surface water collection system in the area under consideration is working but there are no wastewater treatment facilities. Wastewater from the territory of Šiaurės miestelis flows through the DN800 pipes of rainwater drainage networks. The wastewater in Kareiviai street flows through DN1200 pipes.

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Paplauja boulevard in Vilnius (BIM)

PThe project envisaged reconstruction of Manufaktūros street turning it into the central street, i.e., boulevard of the new Architecture Park neighbourhood (when implementing the industrial enterprise conversion project), construction of bicycle and pedestrian paths, installation of traffic lights, small architectural elements, lighting, rainwater drainage system, and safe traffic measures, reconstruction, raise, or protection of engineering networks, arrangement of green areas, and the adaptation of the territory for people with disabilities.

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Water treatment facilities in Jonava city

The project envisaged the reconstruction of the filters of old water treatment facilities built in 1980, second lift pumping station, underground water tanks, and technological building. The capacity of reconstructed equipment is 8000 m3 per day/500 m3 per hour.

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Wastewater treatment facilities in Viekšniai town

The project solutions envisaged the construction of new modern wastewater treatment facilities, which meet the environmental requirements for wastewater treatment, in the territory where old operating wastewater treatment facilities of Viekšniai town were located. New wastewater treatment facilities, i.e., technological building and tank of biological wastewater treatment facility, were installed on the existing sludge sites. 

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Vacuum station in Šeštokai town

The project envisaged the development of water supply and sewage disposal networks in Šeštokai, Lazdijai district.

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