The project included the construction of new water treatment facilities. The following elements were designed: technological building, water treatment facilities (filters), reservoir for slops, technological pipelines, and a new automated system for water treatment facility management. The capacity of the new water treatment facilities is 2,000 m3 per day/200 m3 per hour. After the completion of construction works in 2015, the facilities, which serve about 7,440 residents of Kupiškis, are operating efficiently. Residents whose apartments are connected to centralized networks can be sure that they use clean and safe water, as UAB Kupiškio vandenys ensures the highest water quality and uninterrupted supply. The residents are supplied with iron-, ammonium-, and manganese-free water the quality of which meets the quality requirements for drinking water and approved hygiene standards (HN 24:2003 Safety and Quality Requirements for Drinking Water).

Organic and natural materials are used to purify the water.