A project for the arrangement of the central part of Šilutė city, i.e., Šilokarčema, was prepared. The block is in the heart of Šilutė, i.e., in the cultural heritage area. Roadways, pedestrian paths, outdoor lighting, and rainwater drainage networks were designed. During the preparation of the project, exploratory archaeological excavations were carried out. Based on the results, the restoration works of the protected stone pavements of Žuvys street were planned.

On the eastern side of the Rusnė street, next to the Šyša river, a bicycle and pedestrian path was installed, the surface of which was covered with concrete tiles. The width of the path is 3.60 m, of which 2.0 m is for cyclists and 1.60 m for pedestrians. Next to the building at Rusnės str. 6, parking lots were installed. Sidewalks on both sides of the street were installed. Also, street lighting was installed.