Architecture-related services, design of engineering infrastructures and communication networks, preparation of territorial planning documents and BIM projects.

Reconstruction of the Šalčia alley in Šalčininkai

The reconstructed Šalčia alley is located in the central part of Šalčininkai city. I and II stages of the project were carried out. The alley starts at the crossroad with Vilnius street and ends at the crossroad with Krantinė street. Category D Šalčia street is a 264 m long and 6.0 m wide roadway with asphalt pavement. 1.2–1.5 m wide sidewalks and parking spaces were installed on both sides of the street. The infrastructure was adapted for people with disabilities. Benches and trash cans were installed.

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Reconstruction of Šilokarčema block (Rusnė street, Uostas street, Žuvys street) in Šilutė city

A project for the arrangement of the central part of Šilutė city, i.e., Šilokarčema, was prepared. The block is in the heart of Šilutė, i.e., in the cultural heritage area. Roadways, pedestrian paths, outdoor lighting, and rainwater drainage networks were designed.

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Reconstruction of Strazdas street in Tauragė

In Strazdas street (from Spaustuvė street to Birutė street), the roadway was reconstructed and sidewalks were installed on both sides. The width of the roadway is 6 m and the length is 0.449 km. The installed sidewalks reached the boundaries of the land plots or fences, and therefore the width of the sidewalks varies from 1.2 to 3.07 m.

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Vacuum station in Šeštokai town

The project envisaged the development of water supply and sewage disposal networks in Šeštokai, Lazdijai district.

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