Reconstruction of Nepriklausomybės Street, which is located in the historical part of the city of Pasvalys, on the right bank of the Lėvuo. The project involved the reconstruction of a 1.2 km long, 5.50 m wide, category-D stretch of roadway. Pedestrian paths were put in on the street, and considerable attention was given to creating smooth movement for people with disabilities. Nepriklausomybės Street provides stunning views of the dam and the river. These places were equipped with recreation areas with benches and trash cans, and street greenery. The square to commemorate the 500th anniversary of Pasvalys was also revamped. The old, dilapidated reinforced concrete stairs at the entrance to the square were replaced, and steel railings were installed. Sleeping policemen and guardrails were also installed on Nepriklausomybės Street, and the rainwater collection systems and street lighting were updated.