An improvement project of the Independence Defenders’ Square in Raseiniai. The Square is located in the central part of Raseiniai, surrounded by streets and pedestrian paths of significant importance to the city. The project solutions were planned according to a previously prepared detailed plan of the territory.
The project provided for the removal of hard surfaces, utility networks, urban furniture and other unsightly objects in poor condition. Trees in poor condition were cut down. Existing objects of importance and trees in good condition were preserved. Sculptures located in the square were moved to another place within the city.
Considering the pedestrian traffic, the need for new paths and the type of activities, the “pattern” of the square was designed by allocating separate functional areas. An open centre for events and a recreational maze of “islands” and paths was envisaged in the peripheral zones. Hard surfaces laid: mushy concrete, concrete blocks and concrete tiles. New urban furniture of unique design was installed. New benches, waste containers, bicycle racks, etc. New vegetation was planted in the square – plants, new trees. New wooden terraces were constructed. New modern post lights and additional ground LED illumination for benches and wooden terraces was installed.
All project solutions were adapted to persons with disabilities.